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Rest, solitude and quiet will bring back the hopeful Song of your Soul

If you find yourself being more negative, pessimistic or anxious than usual, you need to unplug yourself and find your own resonance again. Here is why : Everyone has their unique vibration: a certain frequency that is aligned with their soul's resonance. Some call it the SONG of the Soul that is so special and individual that noone else in the universe has the exact same melody. We are born with a certain frequency that has been shaped by the many lives we lived before and by our mothers' vibration (as the first direct earthly environment). Later in life, this frequency is altered by all the experiences that we gather. Our whole being creates this resonance constantly and spreads it out within our own energy system and out to our environment. However, our system is also constantly bombarded with all kinds of frequencies from the world around us. All information (news, emotions, thoughts, light, sounds, smells, the energy of the space we occupy and of course other people's energy) that reaches us will interact with our core vibration. Like the vibrating circles on the surface of the lake, when we drop different pebbles into it. They will interfere with each other and with the frequency of the water itself. If there are too many pebbles tossed in the water, you won't be able to tell the circles apart and you won't be able to see the tranquil water either, as they completely disrupt each other's frequency. If you want to enjoy the quiet lake again you will need to stop troughing pebbles into it and you will need to wait for a while, until it finds it's own vibration again. It's the same with us. Especially with us, who are more sensitive to energy. We pick up on everything that's going on in our environment or even in the collective. Our beautiful inner harmony, where we feel at home, where we feel safe, where we are content, gets easily disrupted. We begin to feel the chaotic, negative, dark or worrying feelings and thoughts in us (these are also just energy after all), extending the interference into our inner environment. We need rest and detachment of the energetic inputs from the world regularly and we will find our beautiful melody again. Rest, sleep and solitude are so underrated and lacking in our society. It's killing us individually and collectively, as it's killing that little unique song in us, although it is the most important gift that we can ever contribute to the World. Go, have a nap, sleep alone far from others, be in unoccupied and uncluttered spaces, stay alone, meditate to empty your mind as much as you can. Get a retreat for yourself and empty the toxic frequencies from your system. Spend time in tranquil nature, so it's harmonic vibration can calm your energy system, as well. And then watch how your positive, hopeful and grateful thoughts are coming back, as well.


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