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Group Reiki Class 

Every second week I facilitate a group Reiki session in Billund to help people wind down and regulate their nervous system on a regular basis with this gentle energy healing method.


It's opened to those, who have absolutely no experience with Reiki and to old friends of energy work, as well. 

Look at the dates below and book your place in advance, as places are very limited.

What is Group Reiki and who is it for?

Group Reiki is a wonderful opportunity for those,
- who want to regulate their nervous system on a regular basis,
- who want to enjoy the enhanced group energy and to connect with like-minded people,
- who want to get Reiki treatment at a very friendly price and
- who are completely new to Reiki and want to get to know this gentle and deep way of healing.

If your life is too busy, if you find it hard to slow down or meditate on your own, if you have an especially stressful situation at work or at home, if you struggle with anxiety or depression, this event is for you. If you want to try a new way to wind down, this group session might be just the way to do that.

*** What is Reiki? ***

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality, which aims to harmonise the energetic system of our body, so it can heal and energise itself.

Rei translates to Universal and Ki (or Qi) is the Life Force Energy that flows both in the Field around us and in our bodies.

Energy healing is as ancient as humanity and proved to be very effective in case of emotional unbalance, like stress, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, sleeping issues, burn out symptoms, feeling blocked or disconnected. It also helps heal physical ailments, like backache, headache, knee or ankle problems, hypertension or other chronic illnesses.

Reiki is based on the philosophy that everything in our Universe is energy - our emotions, our thoughts down to the atoms that create our body and that all is connected in our World by an energy Field no matter how close or far they seem to be from each other (it is called quantum entanglement in quantum physics).

This energy is present in our body and it impacts deeply our life - in fact it dictates our life. We are directly connected with the energy in our environment and the universal life force energy runs through our system in every moment of our life.

If our system is balanced, the energy flows easily and smoothly. However, with all the turbulent emotions and the effects of our environment throughout our life, different qualities of energy accumulate and create blockages in our energy system. As a result we will feel stuck, heavy, lost or disconnected and we suffer from emotional and physical pain eventually.

By gently moving away these blockages with Reiki, we will experience calmness, balance and a renewed flow of energy. All the stored traumas, emotions and toxins leave our body as we progress in the treatment and our pains, mental or emotional blocks and illnesses fade away.


During a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hand on or above parts of your body to balance its flow of energy.


Reiki is most often practiced in 1:1 sessions, however, it is also available and very beneficial in a group setting, as well. While during an individual session combined with psychotherapy we can dive deeply to find the roots of your problems, in group Reiki, we focus more on the energetic process of de-stressing, balancing and relaxing the body, the mind and the soul.

*** What happens during the group Reiki session? ***

We start with a grounding meditation and with setting clear intentions for the session.


During the 50-60 minutes of the Reiki treatment participants relax on their yoga mats with blanket and peaceful music playing in the background, whilst I facilitate short Reiki energy treatment on individuals to give each person a short Reiki energy clearing and a boost leaving you revitalized, and potentially more inspired than before you came to class.


At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to take notes of your bodily or energetic experiences and potential insights.


There is room for max 6 persons in a group Reiki session.
The event will take place in the beautiful yoga studio of Billund’s Sundheshuset, Granvej 2E


Dates: 18th January, 18.30 - 20.00


What to bring: notebook and pen, comfortable clothes - mats, blankets and tea/water are provided

Price: 380 dkk


Booking: Mobilepay at 91955388, please send your email address at the transfer


Health-related contraindications: Reiki has no contraindications and has no reported side effects, however, if you have any health condition, it is wise to share with your Reiki practitioner, so they can take that into consideration during the treatment.


Certification: I’m a certified Usui Reiki Master, trained by Natural Healer ™ from the Mikao Usui lineage

Language: We speak both English and Danish. 






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