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Shamanic journeying as energy work

Working with energy has so many forms, really. When we enter the field of light, the world of intangible and invisible we can be sure that we are in the land of energy healing...

It is a truly magical place, as everything here feels somehow more real, more lasting, more infinite and true.

Everything is way faster and shifts happen in a fraction of a second and last for long.

You feel the change somewhere in your core and in every cell of yours.

It comes with peace and often with the feeling of quiet tiredness after a work well-done.


A few weeks ago my client and I agreed to do a reiki session - the last one in her planned program.

She'd been through a lot of turbulences, cleansing old beliefs and patterns from her system, and the process of energy work for her had been very effective.

She had got a lot of both of the soothing and unblocking benefits of reiki - which of course also accelerated her purging process.

As we arrived to the day of her last planned session. She was in the middle of a storm, all the unresolved parts swirling and shouting in her soul and waiting to be noticed and integrated.

Her nervous system was way to upset to allow her to lay still on the bed. All her pain wanted to surface, to be heard and seen with great power.

This is not the state, when you want to shush them. This is the moment, when you want all those emotions out. And that she allowed willingly and gracefully.

However, she needed some help to shift out of this storm, as it had been consuming her energy too much. Talking, understanding and reasoning are usually not useful in these situations. Those dark thoughts don't want to be painted rose.

When we are already in a high level of consciousness, when we can freely and courageously feel and vocalise our emotions and thoughts and yet, we don't get peace, we need to level up the frequency.

When I felt that moment coming, I switched to feeling into the energy of the situation she was talking about - and started to share the pictures in my mind with her.

I invited her to a sort of shamanic journeying - without all the preparation of tuning into a higher state of consciousness, as she was already there.

I told her the story that was unfolding in the room of our minds: about an adventures and brave fighter in the jungle, who'd been enduring all sorts of challenges and dangers looking for the secret grail; who finally arrived in a peaceful clearing with fresh water, with sunshine, no danger and with a little temple waiting for her with the treasure she'd been looking for.

In that oneness that we had created in the session, in this visual journeying our energy fields were so connected that she knew exactly, what I was telling her. She was there with me - or rather I was there with her as an observer.

She could taste the water, feel the sunshine on her face. She put down her machete and felt the peace finally. In her body. On a cellular level.

Suddenly everything changed in the room and in her. The energy shifted. Thoughts and feelings that had been haunting her were suddenly gone; evaporated in ether.

There was just peace, groundedness and the good kind of tiredness left - and the feeling of success. We've managed to get out of the storm.


Energy work does not necessarily happen on the healing bed and it doesn't always follow a certain protocol - although they are helpful, of course.

Energy work, however, always needs the space, trust and the deep connectedness and some agenda-free focus.


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