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It's so nice to meet you.
Let me share a few things about me.

My life experiences brought me to a lot of wonderful insights about helping and healing people, but there is one that resonates with me on a very deep level. One, that is the leading motto in my personal and professional life. 

"It's the relationship that heals." - as Irvin Yalom says.

I believe that we learn and grow from every single encounter in our lives and every single experience - nice and comfortable or bad and discouraging. 

I believe in the power that is in our inner Wisdom and I believe that it is key what kind of relationship do we maintain with our own Self. That's why I encourage everyone to reflect and talk with themselves, because there is great power in being connected and true to ourselves.

In fact, this is what I try to show to every people I meet and work with: that they have immense strength and power within, and from the moment they begin to trust it and follow it, they will find themselves in a whole different world - where there is peace, contentment and warmth.

Relationships are healing, when there is honesty, curiosity and acceptance. That's what I advocate in both my private and my professional life. You will meet true love and compassion here, weaved together with speaking our truths, so we both can grow. 

And finally, I believe that we heal when we find and nurture our relationship with the Universe. When we feel the support of this wonderful big world, when we learn to trust what is not visible, known or tangible, then we can really open up our wings and fly.


I'm a dreamer and an eternal optimist. I love humans and I have the green witch in me, too.

Also, I'm a Hungarian living in Denmark. I'm a mother of three wonderful souls. I love to experiment and to seek new paths. I'm learning to be more humble about time and my home is definitely at the sea.


Diplomas and certifications

Transpersonal Psychology - Center of Excellence

Reiki I, II and Master - my master in lineage is Melissa Crowhurst

Personal Leadership - Columbia University, New York

Diploma in Psychology - Alison Online Courses


PhD studies in behavioural studies - Corvinus University of Budapest


Master of Sociology and Economics - Corvinus University of Budapest


Herbal and natural remedies - various courses 


Homeopathy (for everyday uses) - Konnektív Education, Budapest


I continue to educate myself with different trainings and readings, constantly working on myself, as well, to offer you the best of my skills. I also like to cooperate with other wise women, who can add to my knowledge and experiences, so there’s an even more holistic healing opportunities available. 

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