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People pleasing is shedding from our system

All this tiredness, pressure and turbulence that we've been experiencing in the last months serve and support a crucial leap in our evolution:

We are forced to focus on our own needs.

We are forced to take care of our health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, social and all).

And we are guided to drop our people pleasing behaviour - individually and collectively.

You probably also feel that it's not possible for you any more to put other's need before yours. That you simply don't have the resources or the will to do so.

Perhaps it's showing in small things, like you won't engage in a small talk, when all you want is solitude, silence or deep, meaningful conversation.

Perhaps it means that you put projects and relationships aside that are eating up your energy and don't give back enough.

Everything that's been only feeding our ego (to tackle with our fear, our pride, our need for validation and appreciation from the outside world) is shedding.

We don't need these any more.

And beyond the layers that are falling off, there is always a higher frequency, higher level of consciousness, higher level of joy.


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