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Our Intuition is a gift from our Soul.
It is as unique as we are. It is there in you and I.

Our Intuition connects us with the Universal Field around us, it is our sensitive sensory system that reads the information from this Field, that gets the signals about the events happening on a much larger scale then what our mind could process and it is the Higher self that is existing in other dimensions and as such can navigate through space and time providing such knowledge that is humanly impossible to reach.

I believe that finding a way to use this gift, to connect with our inner wisdom will be crucial in the coming future, if we want to navigate this fast paced life. I also experience that it makes our life so much easier and flowing, when we actually listen to our Intuition and cooperate with our Soul.

With my guiding sessions, readings and courses I intend to lead you into this magical world of signs, symbols, feelings and deeper knowing. 


Gut, Heart and Mind Intuition

The Third eye has been the center of knowing, seeing beyond what available for the human eyes, the place from where we see new patterns and make extraordinary connections. With the help of our third eye, our pineal gland, we create visions in our mind, we dream and daydream, we create new ideas and innovations - this is where manifestation begins. During the last few hundred years, however, this beautiful ability has corrupted: we were led to believe that there is only one good way to do things, that being a visionary is dangerous and useless and that only those things exist that we can touch and see. 

The Guts are curious organs: they know, they process and store so much information from our environment and they directly communicating back about our well-being. Majority of people are deeply connected energetically to their solar plexus and their spleen, which are well-known in Chinese medicine for their immense ability to send information to our body through emotions. We, however, lost the connection with these organs by suppressing those emotions and by neglecting the needs of our body. This needs to built back, so we can reach this body of knowledge again.

The Heart is the LEADER, we all know that, we've all experienced how it felt, when we knew with 100% certainty what was the next right thing to do. Our heart expands, radiates and there is an unquestionable knowing in our whole being that makes us feel truly empowered. 

The human heart has brain cells, it keeps memories, it is the center of our energy center, it is the magnet, the alpha and the omega. It is the center of our whole Universe, the Source of the frequency of LOVE - manifested in a physical form. It only makes sense to listen and follow it.  

However we want to approach to build an intimate relationship with our Intuition, one of the most important tasks is to connect with these three centers, learn their languages and allow the unfolding of this beautiful dance that they try to show us. 

Source Of Life.jpg

Water is Consciousness, transporting all information that we need

Water is a magical element. It is the Source of Life. It is extremely adaptable, it stores and transports energy and information. It responds to its environment - and recent studies even show that it learns and evolves. 

Our body is 99% water on the molecule level. We hold this magical element. We are this magical element, so it is crucial what is our relationship with water. If we treat it respectfully and lovingly, if we nurture it, it will teach and nurture us, too. 

Our Intuition has a special connection with water - if we want to live in tune with our Soul's wisdom, we need clear, pure, loved water in our bodies and in our energy field. Drinking, regularly bathing or showering in water, dipping in natural, clear body of waters, especially in the Sea full of minerals will help us connect. 

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