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Personal Reading

My Personal Readings are based on Life Purpose System, Human Design and intuitive energy reading. They can be extremely powerful tools to help you learn about yourself, about your patterns in life and about the ways you can live in more harmony and flow.

These readings are also invaluable when you are standing at crossroads of life or when you completely lost directions. Finding a connection with your Inner Wisdom often starts here: listening to an intuitive reading and following the voice within that resonates with the messages coming to your way. 

The Life Purpose System is based on numerology and on ancient Greek philosophy that connects the human psyche with sacred geometry. The System as we use today was created by Dan Millman based on the holistic therapeutic experiences of decades. It gives you a very accurate picture about the biggest challenges and tasks that you need to work on in this life and it also provides useful strategies to how to tackle these challenges and how to make the most out of this learning experience with all the gifts that you've got.

Human Design is a complex and beautiful holistic self-knowledge system that combines astrology, the chakra system, Vedic and ancient Chinese philosophy. It provides a comprehensive map of your individual energy blueprint and suggests strategies that support beneficial decision making and a general flow in life. Main findings of your Human Design chart will be integrated into your Personal Reading, however these readings don't contain detailed and deep HD analysis. 

A big part of the Personal Reading is the results of an intuitive process: with the help of oracle cards, energy reading or channeling you can get answers to specific questions or dilemmas that you are facing. 

When you request a reading, I will do the analysis for you and we will meet in person or online, where I share my insights and we can discuss them

This session is 3-4 hours long, since the body of work is always huge and full of rich information. You can record the session or get a summary of the reading in a written format afterwards, so you can go back to it any time, when you wish. If there's any further questions that come up during the reading or the sharing, there is space to discuss that.

Reading and the session: 2300 dkk

Summary (on demand): 700dkk


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