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The evolutionary meaning of all the inner work we are doing right now

Some more thoughts on people pleasing, because I believe that us shedding this way of thinking and behaviour has so much meaning from an evolutionary point of you...

As we are entering slowly, but surely the era of Aquarius (final transit in November 2024) for two decades, a completely new structure of society and life is unfolding for humanity.

There will be much more individuality with connectedness.

There will be much more bottom up processes and creations.

There will be a lot of freedom, creativity and decentralisation, where the power will be in the hearts of the many individuals - as opposed to centralised power in the hands of small privilidged groups.

We are already watching the old, top down crumbling and we are already experiencing how the individual voices are getting stronger. Just the fact that we all can have a social media account and share whatever truth we believe in proves this.

If we want to use this power well, if we want to make the change in the world that WE want to see, we need to connect with the needs and desires of OUR heart and believe that the messages it sends us are serving the Higher Good.

This inner focus and following the inner compass won't happen until we are focusing on what OTHERS want us to do, what THEY need and how we could serve THEM.

We need to drop what we've been so efficiently conditioned to do: we need to stop pleasing everyone around us otherwise we simply can't follow our hearts, we won't be able to step into our power.

It will happen in one way or the other, so I guess it's better to make these decisions consciously and with love in our hearts.

I believe that having this extremely strong conditioning - especially in pluto in Libra and Scorpio generations (Gen X and Millenials) - has been necessary. Nothing is a mistake. It needed to be a strong part of our upbringing, so we can feel the effort that we have to do to unlearn it.

Getting free of people pleasing is crucial in the process of finding who we truly are.

Thousands of people are getting more and more aware by the day, how much more their core being holds than what they had been left to believe.

It is beautiful. It is empowering. It brings so much hope for the future.

However, there are steps that we cannot skip, like shedding old skins, leaving old ways of thinking and structures behind. And it is often heart breaking, as we often identify ourselves with these beliefs, behaviours, relationships and roles, so it feels a bit like abandoning or killing parts of ourselves. It is undoubtedly painful. But the new skin will fit us more and will be more suitable for the time and era we are heading to.


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