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Practicalities and prices

In individual and couple coaching and counselling my most important guideline is to bring all my knowledge and experiences from all sorts of healing and tailor the sessions in a way that serves you the most. Therefore on some sessions we are going to use 'only' talking therapy, and other times we are going to do somatic exercises, guided journeying or even reiki healing. We plan ahead, of course, however, it will be an intuitive process.

A session - depending on the method that we use or the flow of our work - lasts between 60-180 mins. Therefore the price of the sessions will vary, too. 

The sessions can take place in person in my therapy space in Billund or online.



Individual or couple session

between 8.00 - 15.00

700 kr for the first 60 mins and 250 kr per 30 mins afterwards


Group Reiki Class

90 minutes

380 dkk / session

20220420_094114 (1).jpg

Individual or couple session

after 15.00

800 kr for the first 60 mins and 300 kr per 30 mins afterwards

process dance (1).png

Process Dance Class

120 minutes

320 dkk / session

Booking and cancellation

You can book your appointment by sending me a message via Facebook or Instagram, by emailing me and by filling out the contact form on my website.

If you need to cancel, I understand, of course and we will try to reschedule our session for another date soon. You can cancel in the same ways as you book.


However, if the cancellation happens within 24 hours before your appointment, the full fee of a 90 minutes session will be charged.

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