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My coaching approach

Holistic, transpersonal therapy

The intuitive guidance that I offer for my clients combines various fields of knowledge and wisdom, including classical talking therapy, imagery healing, somatic therapy, mindfulness, dreamwork, shamanic soul recovery, energy and chakra healing, herbal medicines, archetype analysis and more. 


My holistic approach is rooted in my strong belief that mind, body and Soul are sensitively and wonderfully connected on a deep level, so if we want to solve a life problem in the long-run, if we want to heal, we need to approach it as a complex system. 


I help people to Come Home to their True Selves. 


In other words, I empower them by 


* raising self-awareness on a deep level, 

* reconnecting them with their inner wisdom

* healing old wounds that bind them

* releasing emotional and mental blockages 

* breaking limiting and often hurtful patterns

* mending their Souls

* boosting the flow of their creative energy.

Sunrise on Nature

Feeling at home in your life

Those who come to work with me are often tired of carrying pain, guilt, shame or other heavy packages.

They feel burnt out, uninspired, powerless or worried about the future. They don't feel like they are in their safe, warm, nurturing home in their own lives.

They know that there is more to life than what they live right now and they want guidance on how to


* live more fully without compromising their powerful self and their dreams

* find and use the fire within and find flow in their lives

* make decisions based on their inner wisdom instead of routines, social norms or others' expectations. 


They want to live FREE of binding pain, beliefs and attachments and they want to be ready to SHARE their beautiful GIFTS to make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE. 


If you want that, too, I’d be honored to guide you either individually or in a group setting. Please read about my programs and services on my page.


Lots of love, Kinga

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