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Code of ethics


I work with a number of methods and techniques, the spirit of the consultations is holistic.

I'm not making a diagnosis or treatment.

I do not make any prescriptions and never ask to suspend medical treatment.

I behave with honesty, integrity, respect and courtesy.

I respect human rights and the law of the European Union and Denmark in every way.

I respect the life and dignity of everyone around me.

I am committed to continuous professional and personal development: I maintain and enrich my knowledge.



Relationship with Customers:

I receive everyone without discrimination.

If for professional or personal reasons the effectiveness of the joint work is reduced or hampered, I reserve the right to interrupt or not start the work with the person in question and / or to suggest another professional.

I respect the limits of my knowledge and my skills, if the question or problem dealt with exceeds my scope, I immediately inform the Client to determine the consequences.

The Client is always kept informed of the precise constitution of the consultation, of the joint work, and gives their agreement before starting the process.

The Client is clearly informed about the prices of the various services.

The Client's free choice is respected in all circumstances.


Professional secret :

I am bound by professional secrecy, all information processed during consultations remains strictly confidential even in front of the Client's family members and any other person.

In the event of work with children, we determine before the consultation the means of processing the information between the parents and the child.


Relationship with other consultants and professions:

Out of respect for everyone's activity, I will refrain from any criticism or demeaning of other professionals.



I carry out my activity with respect for all and the willingness to help.

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