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Welcome to this journey back Home to Self

Re-connecting, Intuition and
Soulful living

There is so many of us living our lives with lost connections: we are disconnected from our loved ones, from our families, from our work, from our own inner world, from our wisdom, our Intuition, from our environment, from Nature, from the Universe, from our Greater Self, from a part of our Soul, from our inner peace, from wholeness. 

This is often the reason why we feel so lost, out-of-space, not belonging, fatigue or stuck. This is why we re-create the same problems in our lives over and over again. And this is why we often experience life as overwhelming, chaotic, lonely or full of dilemmas. The realization of these feelings can lead to a dark liminal place. 

I, however, truly honor these in-between spaces and periods, because they help us see what is working in our life and what needs to be changed. If we are ready to look into the dark corners, we get a wonderful opportunity to see who we truly are, what is our heart's desire, where do we belong and what is our path.

Often the overwhelm of the chaos draws our attention to our most important anchor and guide:

our inner wisdom, our Intuition.

And that is the place, where our real power lives.

​If you feel that you've been disconnected for too long, if you feel that your life is running without you leading it from you inner power, if you experience too many obstacles and blockages, if you want to grow from the lessons that life provided you in order to have richer, deeper and more conscious life experiences, you are in the right place. 

Here we heal old ancestral wounds, we learn about ourselves, we reclaim the departed parts of our Souls, we do many discoveries and


we find a way back home to ourselves,

where there is harmony and wholeness.

These kinds of journeys last for a lifetime and they are the most meaningful and fantastic experiences that a human can encounter. They require curiosity, though, and a good bit of courage, but it is always worth it. 

You can expect growth and transformation in ways you never thought would be possible. And it will lead you to live a life with meaning, light and creative power.

I hope you will join us, thousands of people, on this journey of re-connection and transformation.


I'd love to be your humble guide on the way.   

Warm wishes, Kinga

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No matter if you just started your transformation or if you have been walking on this path for a while, you are warmly welcome here.

I trust that among the many programs and events that I create and share, you will find exactly the space that you need to discover more and more layers of your Self, to heal and to re-connect with the Inspiration and the Divine in you.

Please check out the opportunities to work with me individually or as a part of a supportive group.

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