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Reiki and chakra healing

Energy medicine is not just a method for me that is getting more and more popular in the Western world, too, but it is the main concept and philosophy that I believe in and I live by.

In our Universe everything is energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our body and every matter - living or not - that surrounds us.

Therefore behind the physiology and chemistry of our living system, there is an interconnected energetic system that intelligently organises our life. We co-create with this energy field. We have the power to change it (by changing our thoughts, emotions,beliefs, acts and by changing our outer environment, like a physical, social and energetic environment), and it will always effect the quality of our life, our health and material well-being.

Working closely with our energy system is a truly empowering process. There are so many different ways to communicate with our chakras. Reiki is one of the most gentle and impactful modalities.

I offer counselling on the chakra system, testing and reiki healing - both individually and in a group setting.

Living Room

Chakra Healing

If you want to learn about your energy  blockages that make you feel stuck or powerless or what cause pain in your emotional or physical body and if you want to release these blocks, then looking at your chakras (energy centers) and analysing them is a great method to use.​

I created a deep and thorough test to give you a detailed map of the unbalances in your energy centers and you can also learn about the reasons for the blockages. This test can reduce the time spent on figuring out your problems through talking therapy and helps draw your attention on the main issues. 

You don't need to know much about chakras to participate and we can use the test, even if this is your first time working with me.

Usually the test is the first step in a series of session, followed by reiki healing or other therapy methods in order to rebalance and heal your energy system.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing method. The philosophy behind this gentle way of healing is that we are all energetic beings and as such the nurturing Universal energy flows through our emotional and physical bodies. 

If there are blockages in our system - which can be mental, emotional or physical - this flow of energy will be disrupted, and we will feel stuck, low on energy and we can even get ill. 

Reiki helps move the energetic blocks and helps start the flow, so you will feel fresh, relaxed and balanced again. 

Usually 3-5 Reiki sessions can help you move forward from a stuck situation or will give you the energy to make the necessary changes in your life. However, all individuals are unique, so the response and therefore the needs for Reiki treatment can be also diverse. 

Female Dancer

Process Dance

Dance therapy is as ancient as humanity. Dancing, shaking, moving the body is proven to be one of the best ways to process trauma, stress or move blockages in your energy system. 

Just think about the animals shaking after being hunt or a woman shaking after giving birth. 

Working with the body consciously and letting it tell us the stories that we need to understand about ourselves and show us what emotions are stored that needs to be released is one of the most powerful ways to heal. 

There are different ways to practice process dance, you can do it alone or in a group. You can dance along a set storyline that is relevant in your healing process or you can go completely free, just following the needs of your body and the music. You might go completely ecstatic about it, like shamans do, or you can stay in a subtle movement spectrum. 

The most important thing is to re-connect with your body, with your soul and with your emotions. 

I offer group process dance at the moment in Billund or as a part of individual therapy.

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