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Programs and Events

My  programs and events have two main purpose:

1) They invite you to a journey within, where you can find hidden and buried magic, where you can learn to live more aligned with your Soul and where you can find your true power. 

2) They intent to give you embodied experiences about this journey of consciousness.

Some of my programs and event are online, some are in person.

Please read about them below and see which one resonates with you. 

Hope to meet you at some of these programs.


Group Reiki Class in Billund

Every second week I facilitate a group Reiki session in Billund to help people wind down and regulate their nervous system on a regular basis with this gentle energy healing method.


It's opened to those, who have absolutely no experience with Reiki and to old friends of energy work, as well. 

Look at the dates and book your place in advance, as places are very limited.

process dance (1).png

Process Dance in Billund

Every second week I facilitate a group Process Dance session in Billund to help people re-connect with their body, shake off the stress and turbulent emotions of the everyday life, to process long-buried emotions and to regenerate their nervous system.


It's opened to everyone who wants to move their body freely, who wants to tune in with their inner world and who wants to connect with like-minded people.

Look at the dates below and book your place in advance, as places are limited.

Rock Maze

Connect and Co-Create with Your Intuition Masterclass

As the World (as we knew it) is falling apart, more and more people feel called to look within and find answers and a reliable compass in their inner knowing - instead of the outside world. 

Perhaps you also feel the urge to find this guiding voice in you that can lead you to make the best decisions for yourself, to find that good balance of living authentically and that can help you navigate through all the waves of life. 

In this Masterclass I invite you on a journey that will bring you closer to your Inner Guide and you can learn ways to connect and co-create with it. 

This online Masterclass is scheduled to run between February and May 2023. If you are interested, please send me an email to get more details.

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