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What is Reiki for me?

Reiki has been in my life for many years. First I encountered it, when I was looking for a helping person to guide me out of a stuck place. She was a coach and also a Reiki healer and we connected right away.

Those sessions helped me understand a great deal of the reasons for me being stuck and helped me move forward with my emotions, with my beliefs about myself, my situation and my future and it also helped me on a physical level.

I used to suffer from crazy and regular migraines, fatigue and sleep problems.

Already a few sessions helped me decrease these issues and later on I learnt to work together with my headaches, to see them as messengers that were trying to tell me to slow down and relax.

Getting Reiki treatments together with some deep holistic psychotherapy connected me with my physical body and with my own energy sources in a way that was completely eye-opening to me. I begin to understand how everything is connected, how my emotional, mental and neurological well-being (and the lack of it) are all showing up in my body - almost immediately.

I grew up as a daughter of a doctor, a neurologist, who followed and respected the rules and approach of the western medicine. My mother, however, also had her sensitive, intuitive ways of helping her patients - it just wasn't really cultivated (and therefore acknowledged) in the culture and era, when she studied and worked actively.

Focusing on one problem, trying to fix it from one angle, doing it fast and mostly from a power trusted o

utside of the aching system (a.k.a. doctors know better what you need than you) have been the pillars of the belief system that I grew up with - and most of the members of our generation.

These first Reiki sessions opened up a whole new World for me and as much as I felt the wonderful benefits of this deep relaxation and treatments, I still didn't know that it would become such an important part of my life. I slowly started to re-member a very ancient knowledge, but it was still a long way to go to practice it.


Years later, when my family and I went slow-travelling in Spain, I encountered a Reiki course and felt attracted to it. Meeting this peace and meaningfulness again was such a coming-home-feeling for me that I started to do some serious studies and became a Reiki Master before I could even think about it twice. It felt so natural and my teachers were the anchors for me in those turbulent months.

After finishing my studies, however, I nurtured this new method and practiced Reiki only among family, friends and a few coaching clients who were in a long and deep work with me. I’ve spent two whole years to feel into it, to understand it more, to appreciate it more and more, before I was comfortable to bring it to the public. This was the point when I finally claimed my certificate from my school and started to practice Reiki combined with my psychotherapy sessions. I will share later many stories and insights about my experiences since then, but here is one of the most important things that I learnt from this practice:

A Reiki session, as a form of energy medicine, creates a very special environment, a unique connection with the Universe, with our inner World and with each other. In this deeply relaxed state, where we don’t talk, where we don’t distract ourselves with anything from the outer World, where we can open up our hearts and minds, here, we allow our Intuition to support our healing. We get into a pure state of Flow, where we can feel and sense so much more than in our everyday moments.

Therefore Reiki is not passive. The person who gets the treatment tunes into this Flow of energy and thoughts and feelings every single time, when they are laying on the bed. They get unexpected ideas about their lives, they connect with their body in a subtle, but very wise way and they will feel for a moment or two that eternal peace that comes with feeling one with everything. They will learn to trust their body and their feelings - and that’s exactly what one needs in order to heal, to get empowered in a whole new way and to live a life more aligned with their Soul.


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