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Your place is in Your Own Life.

If you experience the feeling of being lost, stuck, disconnected or in any other ways powerless, it's a sign that you've lost connection with your inner world or you were distracted from your path. If that's the case, it is time to come back home. 

You place is in your own life. Your home is the place, where you don't have to pay with your freedom to be who you really are. 

Your truth is in your heart and your path is guided by the wisdom of your Intuition. 

This is the place that you will find, if you begin this beautiful self-discovery and re-connecting work. 

During individual therapy it is very important for me to follow your needs and tune into your rhythm and readiness. 

I have a huge toolbox full of very powerful methods (see them below) and I use them as they serve YOU the best.


I like to plan out a tailored series of sessions for everyone individually, however, I give a lot of space for guiding Intuition along the journey. 


I conduct sessions online.

If you are located close to Billund in Denmark, you are warmly welcome in my cozy space at Sundhedshuset Billund at Granvej 2E. ​

Some methods that I use during individual therapy

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During individual sessions we will look deeply into your unique story and discover what are the blockages that need to be released, what is the wound that has to be healed and old patterns that have to be transformed for you to feel more belonging and content in your life. ​


Sharing your story with someone, who is free from judgement and preconceptions, who can function as a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings is one of the most powerful ways to recognise issues, to realise your way of thinking, to get deep insights and to effect change in your life.  

Talking is also one of the most natural ways for humans to express themselves and to create concepts. If you have an outlet to share your thoughts, it helps tremendously to bring subconscious beliefs and patters to the conscious level, which is the most empowering process.

As a principle I always follow the readiness and needs of the client.

Our individual journey often leads to discovering and healing trans-generational and mother wounds, to finding and releasing old patterns that are holding us back, to re-connecting with the inner strength and wisdom, to bringing more purpose and meaning into life and to awakening the creating power within and a beautiful world around us.



Transpersonal psychology is an extended approach to therapy, which sees the person as a connected individual - connected with nature, with Spirit, with the energy of the Universe, with their intuition and with other persons and with the environment. 

As a transpersonal therapist, I believe that most of our problems lie in being disconnected from these important elements of life and I believe that we will be fulfilled, if we re-connect and live aligned with our true self and with the Universe.

During therapy I often use meditation, guided visualization, dream work, art, music, journaling, mindfulness practices, and other transpersonal techniques that can help you explore your true self, shad light on your life from a new angel and create meaning in your life.

These methods are very powerful, as they express our inner world in a very different way as talking does. It reaches way beyond the conscious level and so by the help of them, we can understand the invisible driving forces of our lives.



If you want to learn about your energy  blockages that make you feel stuck or powerless or what cause pain in your emotional or physical body and if you want to release these blocks, then looking at your chakras (energy centers) and analysing them is a great method to use.​

With this online thest that I created we check out your whole energy system - and you will get help balancing it out.


This deep and thorough test gives you a detailed map of the unbalances in your energy centers and you can also learn about the reasons for the blockages. This test can reduce the time spent on figuring out your problems through talking therapy and helps draw your attention on the main issues. 

You don't need to know much about chakras to participate and we can use the test, even if this is your first time working with me.

Usually the test is the first step in a series of session, followed by reiki healing or other therapy methods.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing method. The philosophy behind this gentle way of healing is that we are all energetic beings and as such the nurturing Universal energy flows through our emotional and physical bodies. 

If there are blockages in our system - which can be mental, emotional or physical - this flow of energy will be disrupted, and we will feel stuck, low on energy and we can even get ill. 

Reiki helps move the energetic blocks and helps start the flow, so you will feel fresh, relaxed and balanced again. 

A few Reiki sessions can help you move forward from a stuck situation or will give you the energy to make the necessary changes in your life.



Systematic family constellation is a therapeutic method that helps to see and understand our thinking and behavioral patterns, our belief system, the depth of our relationships that is mostly rooted in our family history and dynamics. 

This visual and often cathartic method is a very powerful way to shed light to the unrecognized blockages that influences our relationships, our decision making process or our abilities to cope with different situations in life. 

Already one session can bring clarity and understanding about a challenging situation and often brilliant solution surface from the analysis.

This is a very powerful tool for those, who are facing a complex problem or dilemma or who have been stuck in their lives.


Family constellation often leads to long-term healing of old ancestral wounds, which is a fantastic gift for yourself and for the coming generations, too.