All Hands In

Your Tribe heals and holds you

If you've ever longed for belonging, for a safe space, where you can honestly share your experiences, for a tribe that holds you with the power of unconditional love, I suggest that you enroll in a group program, a series of events or a long retreat, where you can create the wonderful deep bonding with people that will cushion you during your entire life. 

In my group programs you will experience the wonderful benefit of being part of a supportive group, where you can make discoveries of yourself together with like-minded people and where you will walk together for a while in a divinely orchestrated rhythm.  

It is true magic that happens in a group. You connect on such a deep level that you become real family. Even if you have to depart for a while in your life journeys, after this kind of bonding, you will always be there for each other. 

Some of my events are in-person experiences, others will be online. Please read about them below.

I love to work with groups and I'm often inspired to do new events, retreats or circles, so I encourage you to sign up on my mailing list to get news and invitations to these events. 

Group programs and events



A group of individuals, who have the desire to grow and to connect with their inner world, with their Soul, with each other and with the Universe, meets every Wednesday evening to get closer to their true home in their own heart. 

The amazing discoveries that we do about ourselves, the healing that we support each other in, the changes that we make in our lives in order to live more aligned and in more harmony are truly profound experiences. 

We hold each other's hands and we walk on this self-discovery journey for 6 months through dark and light moments. 

We meet in person in Billund on a weekly basis and we open our gates for new members at the end of our 6-month cycle. 

If you wish to join us and to be part of a beautiful soulful Tribe, please send me a message. 

I'd be happy to tell you more about our sessions. 



During the years that I've spent with my clients and groups, I've worked collected some really beautiful and profound knowledge and created very useful tools to learn how to align with ourselves and with the Universe around us. 

I'm burning to share this knowledge and these tools with a lot of people, so they can also find the way back home to themselves and start to create the life based on their true wishes and desires. 

That's what these Dates are about - to give you inspiration, guidance and hands-on tools to get to know yourself better, to learn about the things that are holding you back and to help you tune in and listen to your Intuition.

Every month I bring a new topic and technique from the fields of mindfulness, imaginary healing, journaling, body-mind therapy, archetype charting, dreamwork, chakra healing and more.

On the workshops I share inspiring stories, as well, about how to use the inner connection in order to feel more empowered and anchored in our life. 

Giving some time and attention to our Soul once in a while is just as important as nurturing and taking care of our body or mind. 

Drop-in price: 500 dkk

Season ticket (6 workshops): 2000 dkk 

Rock Maze


Are you tired of feeling disconnected and not belonging in your own life? Do you want to come home finally to yourself and to live on your own terms? 

Are you missing the fire that used to heat you up? Do you want to find your inner strength again?

Do you want to reclaim the lost or hidden parts of you in order to be able to shine all your beautiful light and to live up to your full potential? 

Then this 6-month online self-discovery program is for you.


Coming Home empowers the participants on a deep level, so they can feel complete and whole again.


The adventures and discoveries that we make during this program will free you from binding legacy and false beliefs. You can claim and retrieve parts of your soul back that has been lost or hidden, and with finding and welcoming these parts, you will feel more powerful and authentic than ever.

Read more about this program here.

If you feel that it's time for you to come home finally, book your place in this transforming program by sending me an email. I'd be glad to share more information about it with you.