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Rock Maze

Are you tired of feeling incomplete and not belonging in your own life?

Have you been feeling disconnected for a while, running on auto-pilot and following only the expectations of the world around you without knowing what is it that you truly desire? 

Do you want to come home finally to yourself and live on your own terms? 

Are you ready to finally take a leap and move forward from the stuck place you've been lately? 

Are you missing the fire that used to boost you up? Do you want to find your inner strength again?

Do you want to reclaim the lost or hidden parts of you in order to be able to shine all your beautiful light and to live up to your full potential? 

Then this 3-months self-discovery and re-connecting online program is for you.


Coming Home



During this 3 months you are going to discover and get to know deeply the person who lives there inside you under all the layers that had been attached to its beautiful pureness. You will learn about the desires, needs, light and shadow attributes of this self of yours.​

You are going to re-connect with your colorful, powerful and wise inner world and you will understand how great it is to listen to the inner guide, so that you can make decisions that are beneficial for you and for the World around you, as well, in a long run. 

You will see and understand the patterns, emotions and powers that are leading your life. You will learn what is the belief system and heritage from your ancestors that have so much influence on your life and that can block you, as well. By being aware of them, you will be able to have control over your decisions and behaviour. 


You will learn how to create space for yourself, within yourself, where you can feel safe, relaxed and loved. You will create your home within and expand that out.


You are going to find the strength and power in your heart and you will be able to manifest and lead a life that makes sense for you and that serves your purpose well.


You will learn how to live in peace and harmony with yourself; how to listen to the subtle signs in and around you, so you can prevent emotional and physical dis-eases.

You will learn how to keep your love, inner peace and space, so you can give more to others, because I know this is crucial  in your life, too.  

Christine, Germany

Being part of Kinga's group program has been life changing for me. My way of thinking and outlook on the World have shifted greatly and I am really beginning to understand what's going on in me under the surface.

Tomás, Portugal

Since I had lost appetite for my work and burned out in my career, I had been struggling on so many fields of life. I didn't find my place and the fire in me disappeared. Nothing really worked out that I started and I didn't have the energy to fight for things.

Working with Kinga and the group helped me to understand my needs and desires. After acknowledging what is really important for me in life, it feels so much easier to reach my goals. 

Kate, Oregon, USA

I had been feeling so lonely and not belonging anywhere, really, in the last few years. I hadn't have anyone to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with, but here I found my Tribe. I feel that with them I truly can be who I am.

I found friends for life.


This three-months-long program is built up from 4 modules. The following topics are going to be discussed with special attention to the participants' needs and the flow of the group dynamics. 

I. Module

Learning ways and tools in order to help connect with our body, mind and soul

           - emotional check-in tools

           - body parts as messengers

           - somatic therapy basics

           - meditation, relaxation and scanning

           - dream tracking

           - journal techniques

           - words that we use


II. Module

Deep diving in our inner world and bringing long-forgotten gems to the surface. 

Acknowledging, accepting and working consciously with materials of our subconscious are key to have real free choices in life. The power of soul easily evaporates without this conscious work. 

            - blockages in our system

            - shadow work

            - limiting beliefs

            - trauma and soul loss

            - trans-generational heritage

III. Module

Connecting the Big Picture that we are all part of

            - Nature and its cycles

            - energy, the Universal laws and chakras

            - Q&A with the Universe, synchronicity

            - how to co-create and manifest in harmony with the Universe

Coming Home

The next program starts on 2nd March 2023.

During this period we are going to have 10 group online sessions - 2 hours each. 

Weekly messages of the current topics and sometimes with exercises to do at home individually.

Encouraged reflections after the sessions.

Online group membership for smooth and easy communication.


3600 DKK for the entire program

Monthly payment of 1200 DKK is possible

Application deadline:

23 02 2023

Program starts:

02 02 2023


Apply by sending an email to:

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